I know

We are all just reinterpretations

Of genetic code and star materials

But that doesn’t mean we don’t matter


The universe may be infinite

But the pieces of this puzzle aren’t

The combinations are finite

And all that is or ever was or ever will be

All the joy and suffering of 14 billion years is inscribed in our bones

The same way the stars are embedded in the fabric of the cosmos


And I see you in gravity

And the way the wind kisses my cheeks

The sound of clattering keys

Or gently plucked strings

And behind my eyelids where no one else can go


All these atoms

Buzzing in my chest and whipping through the air

Held together by bonds that can’t be understood

The same way a mother loves her child

Though he has done nothing to deserve such incredible devotion

Is the way this universe has unfolded


You put us together

And pushed us out so far

That we lost you

I lost you

But I will travel for lightyears

The pieces that make up my skin will continue to exist

Till someday it all makes sense