I’m Sorry

In a world where apologies stumble off the tongue as often as a greeting
Do we ever feel true contrition?
Well, I apologize for this assumption
Maybe it’s a symptom of the human condition
We take and break as if others don’t have a stake
In this world we share
This world that’s more expansive than the mind
And we can’t share?
I’m sorry- I need fast, fried, convenience
At a human price
The price of children not eating
Of people drinking unclean water to quench a thirst that seems insatiable
Thirst to share this world
I’m sorry! I need my water to be Smart
Like my watch my phone my scale
Well all these devices seem to have made it harder
To think feel care
I’m sorry
I forgot you were there
I’m sorry
That I didn’t take the time to think
That it only takes a little time
To stand in your shoes
I can choose whether to see you
Or stare in my mirror
I think it’s clear, that it’s been easier to take selfies
And send out 140 character thoughts

Than it is to simply be here.