The pinks and blues stretch across the sky

Like cotton candy splayed thin across a table

And I hang my head and listen to the last cry

Of a blue jay, tired from a day too perfect to end

Today the sun shone exactly as it was supposed to

But now the light breeze that ruffled the leaves fades

And a swirling darkness circles in

The pink blossoms shrivel at the lightlessness

As sunset fades to ink

Children are beckoned into their tiny square homes

Where hot mush and a warm bed awaits

And someone is always there to scare the monsters away

I’m standing high above them all, watching from my hill

I dare myself today

To seek out the insatiable darkness that swallows our world whole

To understand its ways

I look down from my hill

The pools that rippled in peaceful o’s now churn and spew

My heart is pumping fast now

I know I have forgotten something

I stand atop my hill and I realize that I can’t see




At last I remember

To breathe. To evaluate.


Crippling fear of creatures and ways unknown-

Should not be pushed away

I still. I listen.

I hear the soft coo of an owl

Marvel at the rush of cool wind on my cheeks

And the stars above create a light show on the dancing water.

My eyes adjust-

And it is okay to be afraid, I see

But the thoughtful have ceased to think

They are cowards

And do not know the darkness like I have known.