Dopamine is the long-anticipated debut album by Garret Borns, A.K.A BØRNS. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing the artist himself live at Austin City Limits Festival last weekend and he was by far the highlight of the festival. Backed up by a groovy band, Borns commands the stage with the style and grace of a seasoned performer despite his young age of 23. Playing songs off his Candy EP and his new album, I was shocked by the magnitude of his sound and the depth of emotion found in his simple-yet-profound lyrics. Reminiscent of the King of Pop himself, Garrett belts out his stellar ballads in a range that seems to reach the heavens. It’s a psychedelic fusion of pop/rock/indie music and it is stunning. Anywaaaays…If you can’t tell how much I’m in love with his sound, I’ll make it clearer: I LOVE his sound. I pre-ordered the album quite a bit ago and was finally able to download it last night. I’m pleased to say the album is almost as good the live show. I literally turned off the lights in my room and laid down on the floor as I listened to it for the first time, as it is just so overwhelming I couldn’t allow my senses to be distracted. And the second time I listened to it, I danced. Really hard. The pumping bass, the unexpected key changes, the swoon-worthy vocals- a girl can only handle so much! My favorite tracks as of today? Definitely have to be Holy Ghost and Clouds. Borns builds this infiltrating yearning for love that is so primal but remains catchy and clear- without selling out. This is seriously something everyone needs to hear. I give it 5/5 stars- and the sun and the moon and the Milky Way too.